Turning Inventory Into Sales


Cymbio is on a mission to reach optimized symbiosis between brands and retailers. We aim to help facilitate true partnerships between brands and retailers. We truly believe that strong partnerships significantly increase the pie (as well as increasing sales, margins, customers satisfaction) – you can ask our customers☺.


Established in late 2014 by a team of experienced retail, wholesale and technology executives, Cymbio is the technological bridge between brands and retailers enabling new sales opportunities like never before. Our advanced technology PaaS automatically connects brands’ internal systems and processes, while also allowing brands to easily connect to retailers’ systems and processes, enabling strong collaborations, quick scaling and overall sales growth.


Cymbio offers B2B commerce solutions for online, offline and omnichannel brands and retailers. We understand the challenges facing both brands and retailers today and, as such, place an emphasis on the automation of product information processes, inventory management, order processing and routing, billing and tracking.

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