About Melissa

Melissa increases visibility and sales with existing retailers
Within two months of using Cymbio’s platform, Melissa increased units sold by 42% and expanded its product assortment by x2.8.

Part of the Grendene Group, Melissa shoes was founded in 1979 in Brazil and, ever since, their colorful jelly shoes are identifiable from afar thanks to their signature tutti-frutti bubblegum scent.

Ilhabela Group is the exclusive US distributor for Melissa shoes. With over 700 points of distribution, including prominent specialty and department stores, and partnerships with established designers and retail chains, Melissa is a leading brand in its category.


The executive team at Melissa wanted to increase visibility and sales with selected accounts while considering buyers’ open to buy limitations. The Melissa team also wanted to streamline the product and inventory sharing process with retailers.


Melissa chose Cymbio as its wholesale growth platform to offer available to sell inventory to preapproved, selected retail partners. Cymbio’s platform automated the entire process from granting permissions for styles to each retailer, populating the product and data to the retailers’ ecommerce sites while managing inventory and processing the orders. Within 2 months of launching the platform, Melissa was able to leverage real-time inventory updates to increase the breadth of retailers’ assortments both online and in-store and empower retailers to place instant reorders.


Melissa was able to turn inventory into sales in a dynamic way:
Average revenue increased by
Average units sold increased by
Increase in assortments
Over 60
work hours saved to launch new products monthly

Michele Levy, Ilhabela’s Founder & CEO said: “As retail is on its challenging moments Cymbio brings a new approach for business partnerships between brands and their retailers. Their platform enables us to strengthen our sales capabilities with each of our partners while generating mutual growth with low risk”.

Upon seeing these results, Melissa decided to rollout the program to additional retailers- 600 and counting! Melissa also started using Cymbio to manage its own website and as a replenishment tool for its own stores.