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Cymbio offers 2 Clicks single unit orders and replenishment for brick and mortar stores. Retailers can access brands’ available to sell inventory and prevent OOS through a 2 clicks reorder system, no integration needed. With Cymbio, retailers can increase potential sales with no extra inventory risk!

Guided Shopping

Retail is evolving and consumers expect broader assortments, with the ability to touch, feel, try and buy. With no additional integration, retailers can now offer expanded assortments, regardless of shelf space and budget limitations by showcasing sample products “a-la showroom style”, hosting trunk shows and special events.

Drop Ship

Cymbio gives retailers access to brands’ real-time available to sell inventory, increasing product offering without owning additional inventory. With Cymbio’s holistic drop ship platform, retailers can easily (1 click!) upload product pages to any eCom platform and start selling more. Everything is fully automated: product injection to websites, real-time inventory updates, order routing, tracking, returns and cancellations.


  • Never lose a sale due to OOS or missing styles
  • Improved customer satisfaction and experience
  • Product discovery platform - gain insight on trending products and discover new brands
  • Fully automated processes - Excel free
  • Offer an increased product range and generate more sales with no inventory risk
  • Increased conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs
  • Automated drop shipping and order processing
  • Select & sell products across eCom, apps and stores with a click


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You can edit product information where ever you see a pencil icon. Simply click the icon, make your updates and save.

You can approve and remove products individually or in bulk. For individual styles, select the styles you would like to add or remove and then click either “add styles” or “remove styles”. For bulk styles, choose “select all” and then either add or remove.

All orders will be processed through Cymbio’s system. Once a brand ships the order, Cymbio will generate an email to the customer with tracking info.

To place a reorder, go to the Replenishment menu option. Here you will see all products approved for reorder. Choose the product and units and then proceed to checkout.

A brand may require you to reorder a minimum number of units which should be communicated to you at set-up. You will receive a message on the checkout screen if you haven’t met this minimum.

You can ship to a store or a customer’s address. Simply choose the appropriate option and proceed with checkout.

Navigate to Track Orders under the Replenishment to see all orders processed through Cymbio. You can filter by date and also see the status of an order (processing/shipped/complete) in this screen.

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