Wholesale Reinvented

Unleash double digit growth on your business


Cymbio seamlessly connects brands with their retail partners on a real-time basis, creating new sales opportunities from existing inventory. Cymbio allows brands and suppliers to manage wholesale and direct to consumer operations from a single platform that fully automates processes such as product information sharing from brands to retailers, multi-warehouse and cross channel inventory management, orders routing, billing and more.

Drop Ship

One integration with Cymbio allows brands to easily connect with their retailers, from independents to department stores. Cymbio’s holistic drop shipping platform handles everything: product information gathering and injection to retailers’ websites, real-time inventory updates, multi-warehouse order routing, tracking numbers, returns and cancellations.


Cymbio offers reorders for brick & mortar stores in just 2-clicks, no integration needed. Brands can give retailers access to their available to sell inventory to prevent out-of-stocks with brick and mortar partners. With real-time ATS inventory available 24-7-365, retailers can process reorders instantly.

Key Advantages

Product Syndication

Brands can easily share selected products with their retail partners in the click of one button – images and copy auto-sync to fit individual retailers’ specifications.


Inventory Visibility

Cymbio breaks inventory silos and aggregates ATS from multiple warehouses and stores, allowing brands to have one virtual inventory bucket.

Product Injection

Cymbio enables brands and retailers to automatically import and populate full product pages with images to any selected website, according to the website’s design, with just one click.

One-to-Many Integration

Our custom built integrations for all leading eCommerce platforms, together with our APIs, allow brands to focus on their business and leave the IT work to us.

Speed to Site

Immediately feature products online upon approval rather than waiting days or weeks to photograph, feature and get product live on-site.

Bill & Collect

Cymbio can automatically bill, collect and refer payment to the brand in real-time, bill by report, or use a combination of these methods.

Minimize Environmental Impact

Shipping orders from a retailer’s site directly to consumers reduces packaging and shortens transit cycle.

Key advantages


Cymbio can integrate with any system, through any data source. We can also integrate with any eCommerce platform.

We integrate with brands in a simple process that takes 3-6 weeks depending on data sources. Once integrated with Cymbio, brands can invite retailers who can connect in less than a day!

Cymbio gives brands complete control over their inventory, from selecting which retailers to grant access to the system down to which style or even size is available to each retailer.

Brands can set terms with retailers (as they do with all current buys) within Cymbio. Billing and payment are handled as each transaction is made or at set times, depending on what the brand and retailer agree to.

Cymbio streamlines data to create a full product catalog, complete with inventory feed. Simply start speaking to your retailers and inject product to their eCommerce sites through Cymbio’s platform.

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